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GeoExplorer GeoXR Network Rover

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Produttività Trimble, convenienza Handheld
The rugged Trimble GeoXR Network Rover is a purpose-built complete solution designed to make both high-accuracy surveying and handheld point measurement easier, more efficient, and more flexible.
• Advanced Network Rover solution
• Centimeter accuracy in a handheld form factor
• Optimized for Trimble Access field software
• Sunlight readable color display with unmatched clarity in bright sunlight
• Capture high quality photographs and link directly to measured points
trimBLe ProDuCtiVity, HanDHeLD ConVenienCe
The Trimble® GeoXR™ Network Rover adds a new aspect to GNSS surveying productivity by combining the functionality for high-accuracy field work with the flexibility and convenience of handheld positioning in one device.
The Trimble GeoXR can be used mounted on a survey rod with an external antenna for surveygrade accuracy and when connected to Trimble VRS™ technology, it serves as an advanced and highly productive network rover. Then snapped off the rod and seamlessly switched to the integrated antenna, it becomes a solution for handheld point measurement with easy access to features such as the integrated camera.
The Trimble GeoExplorer GeoXR handheld, integrated with Trimble Access™ software, establishes a new standard in advanced network rover solutions.
oPtimiZeD for trimBLe aCCeSS
Trimble Access field software features the power, functionality, and modularity surveyors need today. It is designed to support everyday work – topographic surveys, staking, control, and more – through a familiar easy-to-use interface.
The Trimble GeoXR handheld includes a sunlightoptimized display designed specifically for outdoor operation. It maintains exceptional clarity in all outdoor conditions, including direct sunlight. Text is crisp and easy to read. Background maps and photos are rich and vibrant. At 4.2 in (10.7 cm), the display provides a spacious touch panel that is easy to control. Surveyors can work directly from the active map and integrate photos into their workflow using the large color touch screen.
The integrated cellular modem of the Trimble GeoXR allows continuous network and Internet access for web-based services, Trimble VRS corrections, and live, secure synchronization of field and office files through Trimble AccessSync.
In addition, wireless connectivity options including cellular and Wi-Fi technology ensure that field workers can remain in contact with the office and each other, even from remote locations.
Centimeter aCCuraCy in your HanD
On the rod or in your hand, the Trimble GeoXR handheld delivers the accuracy and speed required to ensure that the work of recording survey points or staking-out is fast and reliable.
The Trimble GeoXR handheld is equipped with a 220 channel GNSS receiver capable of tracking GPS, and GLONASS satellites together with an integrated dual-frequency (L1/L2) GNSS antenna. In addition to being a complete network rover solution, when outside the network, the system can be used to collect GNSS data for postprocessing in Trimble Business Center software.
HigH QuaLity PHoto CaPture
A photograph is often the best way to capture information about an asset, event, or site. The Trimble GeoXR handheld includes a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with geo-tagging capability. The camera is controlled by the Trimble Access software, so photo capture and linking of images to survey data is seamless and simple to integrate with existing workflows.
Easily record the qualitative information that survey data alone can miss, such as site conditions or work progress. The benefits of including images as part of your workflow are almost limitless—from easy data handover to in-field quality assurance.
DeSigneD for HigH effiCienCy WorK
The Trimble GeoXR was designed with a single goal in mind—delivering a high-accuracy network rover that works faster, longer, and in more places than any other.
The Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 9.5 hours of GNSS operation on a single charge, and can be swapped on-the-go without shutting down the device— enabling near-continuous operation and minimizing field worker downtime.
The fully ruggedized IP65 construction is designed to withstand the harshest environments. Wherever field workers go, they can take the Trimble GeoXR handheld with the confidence that the equipment can handle the toughest conditions.
These smart design features combine with unprecedented accuracy, flexibility, and productivity to deliver the ultimate high performance handheld field solution.
The Trimble GeoXR, together with Trimble VRS technology, Trimble Access software and services, and Trimble Business Center is your optimal total Network Rover solution.