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The Trimble® NetR9™ Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reference receiver series consists of full-feature, top-of-the-line receivers designed to provide network operators with maximum features and functionality from a single receiver platform.
• Proven GNSS technology from Trimble 440 channels for unmatched GNSS tracking performance
• Bluetooth®, Ethernet, Serial and USB support
• Position Monitoring and Alerting functionality notifies of any change in antenna position
• Large capacity internal memory plus external USB device logging capability
• Convenient front panel display and configuration
• Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology
• Eight independent logging sessions
• Multiple data file formats
• Integrated battery which can act as a primary power source or as an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) backup
• Powerful remote configuration and access
Using the latest generation of Trimble 360 receiver technology in combination with two Trimble Maxwell™ 6 chipsets, the Trimble NetR9 reference receiver offers an industryleading 440 channels for unmatched GNSS multi-constellation tracking performance. With the world's GNSS in constant development, the Trimble NetR9 reference receiver provides the operator with the assurance that it has the capability to grow with the industry, both today, and well into the future.
The Trimble NetR9 reference receiver supports a wide range of satellite signals. Currently, the NetR9 platform is capable of tracking signals from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Compass, and QZSS constellations. With 440 channels, the NetR9 has the capacity to accommodate additional signals as they may become available, eliminating the need to replace hardware to keep pace with technology.
The Trimble NetR9 reference receiver supports the new CMRx communications protocol, which provides unprecedented GNSS correction compression for optimized bandwidth and low latency data transmission. Combined, this results in greater data throughput at a lower operating cost.
The Trimble NetR9 reference receiver's compact form factor, low power consumption and powerful network capabilities make for an ideal combination supporting a wide range of high-accuracy positioning applications. A few specific examples include:
Trimble VRS™ network receiver
Mobile field base station
Academic research
Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS)
Field campaign receiver for post-processing applications
Use in DGPS MSK beacon systems
Monitoring integrity of VRS networks, along with other physical infrastructure such as oil platforms, mines, dams, bridges, or other natural and man-made objects where precise deformation is crucial.
The Trimble NetR9 reference receiver has eight gigabytes of physical memory built into the circuit board, providing a high level of data protection. Additionally, the use of external USB logging devices is supported providing the Trimble NetR9 reference receiver unparalleled storage capacity and flexibility. Combined with logging of T02, RINEX, BINEX, and Google Earth formats, factored together with FTP and Email Push technology, the Trimble NetR9 achieves an uncompromised blend of functionality and efficiency.
With stringent environmental specifications and an integrated lithium-ion, the Trimble NetR9 protects to ensure no data is missed. The integrated Li-Ion battery can power the Trimble NetR9 continuously up to 15 hours, either as a primary power source or as an emergency backup source.
The Trimble NetR9 reference receiver comes with powerful built-in remote management. Utilizing Internet Protocol (IP) as the primary communications mechanism, the familiar Trimble Infrastructure web user interface provides full receiver status, configuration, firmware updates, data access, as well as a variety of security levels and access controls. Furthermore, the receiver supports Email Alerts so the operator knows exactly what is taking place at the receiver. This includes integrated position monitoring so as to always know if your antenna has moved before it is too late.
For simple hands-on configuration, the Trimble NetR9 reference receiver offers a seven-button, two line display and status information so that performing in-field configuration is practically effortless. Best of all, no handhelds are required to get this job done.
Available in three configurations, including the NetR9 Ti-1 (full featured), along with the Ti-2 and Ti-3 (both fully upgradable), the NetR9 provides the most flexible receiver platform offered to date. With the NetR9 receiver platform's robust functionality, you can trust Trimble to provide the very latest technology in the GNSS industry to help position your way into the future.